Test only CCT Enrollment (HUB)

If candidates have pre requisite experience and wish to only enroll in certification exam with no support materials this option is available. Cost is $200.00 for test enrollment. Enrollment can be done by submitting candidate information and proctor contact as specified below via email to cct@acmanet.org for review, processing and contact.

Enrollment requires payment and contacting cct@acmanet.org to specify specialty Certification area.  Answers to the questions in the enrollment and submission of proctor information so ACMA can contact proctor with test administration instructions is required.  Please provide experience and composites specialty you plan to test in.  Provide accurate proctor information and test date as listed below: 


Candidates sitting for their CCT exam must be supervised by the previously identified proctor; substitute proctors will not be allowed. Proctors can be a CCT Instructor, the candidate’s supervisor, or someone in the training or human resources department of their company.  Some companies also prefer to use technical school, university or community college test centers to administer certification.  These may have additional charge which employers should review and work out prior to getting proctor information to ACMA.   Candidates must provide the name, job title, company name, email address, and telephone number of their proctor when requesting an examination date. ACMA will separately provide proctors with all the information they need prior to the exam.  Proctor requirements:  /Files/Org/9b2c8431fc504376b7ffb965213316fe/site/Proctor_Test_Codes_Letter2-.docx