ACMA Webinar Series: Using Respirators to Manage Workplace Exposures to Styrene

Regulatory agencies are headed toward an update of the workplace exposure limit for styrene and consideration of the feasibility of control will be an important component of the update process. What exposure reductions can be achieved through mechanical ventilation? What is the view of industry companies about the cost and practical limits of the use of respiratory protection to achieve low exposure limits? What feasibility arguments can ACMA employ in favor of a reasonable revision of styrene exposure limits?

This 3-part series included these webinars:

  • Using Mechanical Ventilation to Manage Workplace Exposure to Styrene | Rob Haberlein, Engineering Environmental Consulting Service
  • Using Respirators to Manage Workplace Exposures to Styrene | Perry Bennett, Environmental Compliance and Risk Management
  • Industry Advocacy on Revision of the Enforceable Regulatory Limit for Workplace Exposure to Styrene | John Schweitzer, ACMA