Understanding EPA's New Electronic Reporting Requirements for Composites Manufacturing Operations

Under EPA's final Risk and Technology Review rule-making for composites manufacturing operations, most composites manufacturers are now required to use a new reporting tool and submit emissions data via the agency's data exchange website, cdw.epa.gov. This new CEDRI tool is available as part of the MACT compliance reporting application and is available for use on the first report, due by the end of July 2020. This complimentary webinar includes the recording, PDF presentation, and excel reporting document required by the EPA.

David Lipiro, President of Environmental Compliance & Risk Management (ECRM), has been providing consulting services to the composites industry since 1994. He was instrumental in successful advocacy by ACMA on two MACT standards, and has served for many years on multiple ACMA committees. For ACMA members he has been involved in hundreds of projects, including air emission surveys and permit acquisitions, development of compliance monitoring and recordkeeping systems, and facility audits covering all facets of environmental compliance.