Composites Recycling Conference 2020 | Online Recording Package

Experience the education, knowledge and insights from ACMA’s Composites Recycling Conference 2020 | Online held on May 20 - 21. Recording packages are offered with complete audio and video coverage and PDF presentations of all 10 dynamic sessions from the virtual conference.

Invest in the perfect education resource for you and your team. Learn from the world’s leading experts, OEMs, suppliers and manufacturers with insights into composites recycling and sustainability technology, products and solutions – now and into the future. Purchase your CRC 2020 | Online recording package here for complete access.

Browse session descriptions here. Session titles and speakers include:

  • Keynote: Sustainability of Renewable Energy: Wind Blade Recycling; Michelle Simpson | GE Renewable Energy
  • Wind Turbine Blade Recycling: Preliminary Assessment Review of EPRI Report; Ken Ladwig | EPRI & Brandon Fitchet | EPRI
  • Click here to read the full Wind Turbine Blade Recycling report.
  • Practical Recycling Options for Wind Blades; Chris Howell | Veolia Waste Management
  • Exploring the Need for Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Analysis; Ed Pilpel | Sustainable Solutions & Jaap van der Woude | EuCIA
  • Click here to test the EcoCalculator.
  • Standards and Specifications Needed to Drive a Sustainable Composites Recycling Industry; David Wagger | ISRI
  • Case Studies for Carbon Fiber Recycling; Andrew Maxey | Vartega, Erik Poulin | Composites Recycling Technology Center & Camille Seurat | ELG
  • Options for Sustainable Boat Recycling; Matt Moore | Scout Boats, Evan Ridley | RIMTA & Simonetta Pegorari
    • Click here to learn more about RIMTA’s Fiberglass Boat Recycling Efforts.
  • Market Pull for Recycled Composite Products; Soydan Ozcan | IACMI , Charles Ludwig | CHZ Technologies, Ed Pilpel | Sustainable Solutions, David Salem | SD School of Mines & Technology