ACMA's COVID-19 Ongoing Webinar Series: Insights for Effective Business Operations and Federal Relief Funding

ACMA is here for your business, monitoring relief actions, worker health and safety guidelines, and policy updates during these times of the COVID-19 crisis. Join ACMA's MJ Carrabba and John Schweitzer along with a panel of composites industry executives for a live discussion about managing business operations effectively during this pandemic. Hear directly from other business leaders and gain insights from companies that are managing (and even thriving) during this unstable period. Get answers to your questions—how do I respond if an employee contracts COVID-19? how do I plan for the future in light of economic uncertainty? how do I maintain a positive workforce and employee morale?

The webinar will also provide additional details on federal funding and stimulus support for businesses, including updates on the recently depleted Paycheck Protection Program and developments in Congress to add more funding to the plan.