CCT - Open Molding

The Certified Composites Technician Open Molding material has been updated to reflect current industry trends, best practice and the expansion of open molding composites into many areas of application.  The CCT Open Molding  certification Body of Knowledge contains new material in the areas of:

     -  Bonding Best Practices in Open Molding Manufacturing.

     -  Field Fabrication for composites.

     -  High Volume automated processes for open molding manufacturing (pultrusion, filament winding, continuous lamination) and field fabrication.

     -  Updates to safety and materials handling information.

     -  Continous Lamination processes, filament winding, pultrusion.

     -  Equipment operation.

     -  Industry best practice guidelines for manufacturing data collection in open molding.

     -  Additions to troubleshooting in manufacturing, identification and repair of composite and gelcoat damage both in the manufacturing and field applications.

Open Molding Body of Knowledge



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