ANSI Approved: UEF Emission Factors for Open Molding and Other Composite Processes (Digital Download)

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The 5th edition of the ANSI/ACMA standard, UEF Emission Factors for Open Molding and Other Composite Processes provides updated resources including new and improved tools for estimating emissions of styrene, methylstyrene and methyl methacrylate from composites manufacturing operations using thermosetting unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins and gel coats. Specifically, the 2019 update includes new emission estimation tools for cast polymer manufacturing, as well as many clarifications, explanations and other improvements for estimating emissions from open molding, compound manufacturing and compression molding operations. Composites manufacturers use the UEF Standard to cost-effectively prepare emission estimates for reporting to state emission inventories, EPA’s TRI database, and other purposes. Commonly referred to in the composites industry as the "UEF standard", this American National Standard document is developed by ACMA through a consensus standards process promulgated through ANSI. First introduced in 1999, the UEF Standard allowed the EPA to establish maximum achievable control technology standards for composite open molding operations based on process and material changes instead of add-on control. In addition to recognition by the EPA, the UEF standard has been accepted by every permitting authority in the U.S.

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