CCT - Wind Blade Repair

The past, present and future of composites in the wind energy market is strong. ACMA is offering the CCT-WBR certification curriculum to help serve the growing demand for composites training in the wind energy sector for servicing and repairing wind turbines.  The CCT Wind Blade Repair was all updated in 2017 and continues to undergo professional review as the industry expands.  Composite wind blades require maintenance and repairs to operate at peak efficiency and safety.   As a CCT-WBR, you can use your training and certification to repair wind turbine blades or even apply your knowledge to other exciting industries—automotive, aviation, marine, sports and recreation, research and development, aerospace and more!  Wind Blade repair experience recommended classes available on site of via member partners schools.  Ongoing enrollments available in several Composite Wind Blade week long courses at ABARIS.  Contact for additional information or support for enrollments.

CCT Wind Blade Repair Body of Knowledge

Wind Blade Repair Study Guide Cover

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