CCT - Vacuum Infusion Process - VIP Enrollment and resources

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The vacuum infusion process (VIP) is a closed mold process that was initially developed over six decades ago. The modern drive towards out of autoclave processing and the advantages of low void, high quality composites is increasing interest in vacuum infusion. Advanced simulation techniques, proven materials, refined equipment, various resin choices, proven production and tooling methods for vacuum infusion continue to make the value proposition for increased use. Many manufacturers are moving to closed molding and vacuum infusion processes to create better working conditions, retain employees and build higher quality engineered products.

VIP is drawing interest because of its low capital investment, easily manageable learning curve, and potential emissions reductions. Closed molding is changing the industry as we know it. To survive and thrive will require adjusting our shop processes and acquiring new skills. The CCT VIP program positions companies and individuals to take advantage of a rapidly growing technology that is a major part of the composites industries future. Product includes VARTM techniques, various closed molding variations, bagging and tooling process options.  Techniques and materials on computer simulation and professional planning and modeling or VIP processes are taught.  Successful completion of certifications by completing study, mastering material and earning 80%  or higher on credential testing results in National Credential and earning 3.5 CEU's per earned CCT Credential.

Vacuum Infusion Process Body of Knowledge