CCT - Open Molding Recertification

Thanks to the Open Molding process of making fiberglass composites, we can enjoy magnificent boat hulls and decks, RVs, truck cabs, spas, bathtubs, shower stalls and many other finished products. Open Molding involves either spray-up or hand lay-up, and it can be accomplished in several ways. Over the years, these methods have been refined to be more energy efficient. To reduce VOC emissions, new spray guns and heads dispense gel coats and resins, and roller impregnators pump resin into something similar to a paint roller.

Composites Basics

Section 1 – Defining Composites
Section 2 – Open Molding Laminating Techniques
Section 3 – Understanding Polyester Resin Curing

Process Technology

Section 4 – Reference Guide to RTM and VIP
Section 5 – Controlled Spraying
Section 6 – Efficient Non-Atomized Application

Regulatory & Plant Safety

Section 7 – MACT Misconceptions
Section 8 – Electrostatic Discharge Hazards

For more information on ACMA's Certified Composites Technician (CCT) Program, contact the ACMA Certification Department.