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Contact the ACMA certification department at or 703-525-0511 with the following information:

Candidate Information

Full Name
Email Address

Proctor Information

Full Name
Job Title
Email Address
Phone Number

Desired Exam Date

This information should be submitted at least two (2) weeks before the candidate's desired exam date. Once this request has been received, ACMA will arrange for the candidate’s proctor to administer the exam via the Education Hub by providing a unique code to access the exam.  All certification candidates agree to adhere to the policy and integrity rules outlined by the certification program and proctor instructions.  Exam results will be reviewed and if integrity of exam process is compromised candidate will be subject to credential removal and proctor suspension of proctor approval will be instituted.  Review by ACMA staff, assigned committee and supervisory bodies will make any suspension or certification approval decisions and inform candidates in email or written form of investigation or resulting decisions.

Candidate and proctor information provided during certification process will be kept in accordance with American Composites Manufacturers Association privacy policy.  Successful certified candidates valid and in date certifications, company and name will be posted for reference on public site unless candidates request removal.  No other data will be shared outside of the ACMA that is the sole provider of the Certified Composites Technician Program Credentials.

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Please contact ACMA via email at   571-645-5267 for any special accomodations needed so the request can be reviewed and filled well before test administration date.

If proctor has administration problems, candidates have test material or administration compliants please contact ACMA via email at or at 703-525-0511 for assistance.  Appeals to test results or questions administered can be submitted at any time to  Please include contact phone and email so appeals process can be begun and any problems can be resolved.  An independent association committee will review any appeals that correction and resolution cannot be done upon initial review.