ACMA is the composite industry's education provider for all skill and career levels. The resources found on this page are designed to help you explore your career as a manufacturing professional in the composites industry. ACMA has designed two resources to get you started - explore these two sites to learn more about composites and why they are important to the rapid expansion of the world we live in. From spaceships to boats or buildings, they all use composites! 


ACMA’s award-winning website CompositesLab is a comprehensive online guide to the composites industry. The one-stop shop for composites includes original content and provides an in-depth look at what composites are, how they are used, their benefits, and how they stack up against other materials. offers design, engineering and other industry professionals a closer look at composites overall – including what composites are, how they compare to traditional materials, and an industry-by-industry breakdown of composites applications.


Image provided coutesy of IACMI - Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.

Take Your Training to the Next Level

Interested in more composites education? The resources listed below are provided courtesy of ACMA member companies who understand and value the need for well trained employees. This list is not comprehensive and inclusion does not constitute promotion or favoritism.

Abaris Training Composites One Maverick Applied Science
Airtech International Diab Owens Corning
Carborundum Hexcel RPS Composites
Composites Consulting Group INEOS Composites VectorPly

Further Reading

In addition to the great resources found in ACMA's Education Hub and the CCT Program, fellow composites industry professionals have found these publications useful in their training. This list is not comprehensive and inclusion does not constitute promotion or favoritism. Click here to download the suggested reading list.